Skype for Beginners

Skype for Beginners

So you have been trying to get Skype downloaded….but you keep running into the same thing over and over. Questions and no answers! They don’t make it easy now a days for the technical world. I have great news! I am going to walk you through it. So grab your keyboard and lets get started!

First you need to download skypeit! I know you probably already tried and feel like you have hit a brick wall. What you are missing is that we have software to keep your PC nice and clean from bugs and virus!! Its a good thing too. Here is the magical answer to getting Skype downloaded. Follow these instruction!

One the Download…..Click the link below. It will direct you to the Skype website.

So now that you are at the page for the download you are going to see different forms that you can download. You want the BLUE box to be on the “Computer” option. You will see aBLUE button that says “Launch Skype Now“. CLICK IT! Okay, this is where you got possibly…Below on the bottom of your screen you should see a gray bar. This is a safety feature. to ensure you want to download something.
SkypeFind the box in the bar and then locate the arrow. Click the arrow and a menu will open click open. From there you just need to follow the directions. You are going to have to fill out all the information that is needed. Set your profile up and add a picture if you want to.

How It Works!

Now that you got it downloaded and you have your profile set up you will need to know the basics. It really quite easy once you get the hang of it. So 1st thing to do is how to find someone on Skype…you will need to locate the search box on the top left hand side of the Skype window. Put you cursor in the box and type either the person’s name, email, or Skype name. All of these will bring up a list of contacts that are on Skype.

Adding Contacts

You will need to locate the person you are looking for by their picture or there location. Once you do click the name and a conversation will appear on the right side of the screen. Now it should have a “send contact request” button, this will send them a notice that you would like to add them to your contacts. Once they except it you will be able to have conversation with each other.

One common mistake is people think you have to have a camera to use Skype, not true!skype
You can use it to type messages to each other. NO need to brush your hair, put on make up or make sure the mess behind you is pushed out of the camera view! So stay in your bathroom and keep the bed head if you like, you can type messages and no one will know you are sitting in your boxers with a huge cup of coffee!

Sending a Message

Next thing is how do you send messages? First you choose who you want to send a message to by clicking on the contacts name. On the right hand side of the window a conversation thread will appear. at the bottom of that there is a place for you to type in. Put your cursor in the box and type your message then click the circle with the image of a paper airplane in it or hit the  “enter” button. This will send the message to the other person.

The Buttons

skypeNow I know there are some other button in the conversation box that you can see. One of them is those funny faces (emoji) that everyone to uses. Then there is the action emoji these are little videos and are very fun! Then next button is the document sharing button. Any kind of document you have on the computer you can share with your contacts! You can upload pictures/videos to the Skype thread. Moms and Dads love to share photos and videos of their kids doing those silly things they do! You know when they get cake face at their first birthday!

OK….before clicking the next button I am going to tell you about PLEASE put your clothes on and fix your hair….shove the mess out of the way and grab your lipstick! The last button is the camera button to do face time…Yes this is the option to see each other! Very cool if you need to talk to family and friends that are long distance! this last one is one that will share your contacts with other contacts on Skype….this one is tricky and you will most likely never use it.

So there you have it….this is the skinny on Skype. Pretty easy and useful!