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Learn To Speak French


Learn to Speak French or any other foreign language require methodology, perseverance and love.

You can try these different methods to learn this language.

1- Travel To Paris

Flight and learn… Many will swear that it is the best method to learn French.

Beware! It’s not always right. Actually, even if you are in France, there are a lot of factors that can prevent you from becoming fluent.

For instance:

1- Lack of preparation
2- No transportation available (from your home to the French class)
3- Too much time enjoying your trip!
4- Lack of motivation
5- Non effective teacher
6- And many others…

Plus, this option is expensive since you will have to take the plane, sleep in a hotel, pay for your transportation… Not easy!

2- Go to your local community class

This is an other excellent option. With the first learn French method above, you were in a pure French immersion though.

When you learn French in your local area, you can be sure that you are going to speak English most of the time… Be sure to choose a real French native speaker.

This is easier than the first method, but for sure less effective.

3- Learn To Speak French from home with a software, cd, book…

This third option is cheaper and effective as well. Plus it can be a complement to any of the third options we saw above.

This method is usually cheaper and more comfortable because you can learn the French language at your own pace, and even while you are commuting!

There are only two difficulties:

1- You need to choose the right learn French software (or cd).
2- You need to arm yourself with motivation.

The Learn French Method that I recommend is the following:

First, get in touch with a French native speaker (you can find him over the Internet). Then, get a French course on the Internet as well.

If you have enough money, spend some time in France (or any French speaking country), and buy a dictionary. A Learn French software can only help you.


Learn To Speak French