Decentralized Travel With Xceltrip

decentralized travelIt is time for decentralized travel. We are proud to bring you the first innovator and disruptor in the large industry of Travel. Using blockchain technologies to eliminate the middle-men and extra costs associated to the travel industry; a new Company is here to change the way we Travel. And to let us do it for less.

Xceltrip, the company that is developing a decentralized travel marketplace on the Blockchain, is removing third party intermediaries, in order to bring innovation back into the travel industry, while at the same time significantly reducing costs for consumers.

The Wright brothers didn’t invent airplanes in order to get us from one place to another, they invented planes because they were dreamers, inventors, and pioneers. Technology has come a long way since then, unintentionally turning travel distribution into one of the most misused, greedy industries, notoriously known for placing exorbitant fees and restrictions on both travel service companies and travelers.

Xceltrips platform has the potential to replace excessive fees and monopolies, making travel cheaper, faster, and more enjoyable for consumers, and more profitable for travel providers.

The Advantage of Decentralized Travel

decentralized travelThere is a big problem in the online industry today, as two companies, Priceline and Expedia, presently dominate 95% of the industry market in the United States. Due to their strong market power, prices are not only controlled in their favor, their high distribution fees force hotels and airlines to offset the costs, shifting the burden of paying these high fees onto their potential customers. The dominance and interference of these intermediaries is stifling the expansion of travel innovation startups who, due to the lack of economic incentive, rely on companies such as Expedia and Priceline, for business viability. Xceltrip, in setting up on a Blockchain platform, gives the power back to the people, the traveler, and the travel innovator.

Their vision is to make travel services decentralized by empowering Travel Partners, like Hotels and consumers and pass down the savings from middlemen to our partners.

They have committed to make travel experience seamless, fun and cost efficient. Not only that, but adding the needed benefits of being personalized and secured. They are using Blockchain in the most sensitive and challenging areas, the most secured technology to safeguard your information, and, have created mobile app to provide travelers value added services far beyond than offered by our competitors.



  • Hotels Booking
  • Flight Booking
  • Experiential Holiday Packages
  • Social Travel Experiences, etc


  • Access over a million rooms at best properties and Best Rates
  • Get world-class Service and access to hundreds of flight options for thousands of destinations.
  • Get help from online XcelTrip manager for your specific travel needs.
  • Use our mobile app and get lot more than just booking hotel and airline ticket


  • We offer the best price to travelers and lowest booking fee for vendors
  • Our system is built on the blockchain cryptic ledger, most trusted technology for data security.
  • The Xceltrip business is based on the distributed economic model, in which each business partner gets the piece of economic pie, either through savings or directly earning.
  • Every Time You Travel You Earn – Yes, check out our IMP program.

Your Adventure Awaits Join Us Today 

Come join us in this Incredible Travelutionary (Travel-revolutionary ) journey and become our “Independent Marketing Partner (IMP)” or Vendor Partner (Hotel Properties, B&Bs, Restaurants, Pub & Bars, transportation and events), for a mutually benefitting relationship.As our partner, you will have access to our world-class “XcelTrip Marketing System” that is developed to grow your business with an ultimate goal of improving your bottom line.

In addition, XcelTrip is committed to spend 2% of Its net income to the global charitable cause through XcelTrip Foundation.